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As a Naturopathic Doctor,  I recognize the inherent intelligent healing process in each individual, a variety of services are offered to remove the obstacles to cure and support the natural healing process using techniques & remedies that work in harmony with nature.  Not limited to but including herbal and nutritional supplementation, clinical nutrition, mind/body medicine, energy healing & homeopathic remedies.

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Check regularly for upcoming events, better yet be the first to know by subscribing.  Events include webinars, programs, online classes, in-person workshops & classes, as well as any upcoming retreats.

Healings/ Testimonials

Hear some of the wonderful effects of working with the programs and individual sessions with these testimonials.

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Learning environment for your company or school

Educate.  Inspire.  Guide. 

To wellness.

Online Dispensary

nutritional supplements

Selected professional grade products!  No more worries about what is in your supplements, no fillers, only nutritional supplements and herbs in most bioavailable forms HERE

Create an instant natural medicine cabinet & pharmacy with concierge doctor service!

Winter Wellness Kit

Besides the health packages for a natural pharmacy of everyday living; we also offer a Winter Wellness Kit.  It's a seasonal pack with the whole focus on cold & flu.   It essentially has all the necessary components you need to naturally help prevent and address issues of the season.  


Naturopathic Medicine

A holistic alternative or integrative medicine to restore the person back to balance by rooting out the source of the dis-ease.

Classes / Workshops / Groups

Dynamic speaking events and classes.  Topics for herbal enthusiast, mothers, seekers, healthy warriors and more...

Speaker / Writer

Available for speaking events for corporations, churches, schools; radio and television.

Article writings and books coming out soon.

Receive "Prepared: Getting your child's immune system ready"

Use this downloadable guide to help boost a child's immune system. This mini e-book can be used before school begins and after. Also a great guide to be prepared for winter, seasonal transitions, travel, etc. You will also be signed up for specials and event notification. E-mail privacy is always protected.

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